We’re excited to share the news that the Mayfair Park Skating Rink is now open!

Please read and follow the rules below to have a safe and enjoyable experience on our community rink.  Also, please thank Louis Stack for all of his hard work!


A few Rules to Follow Please:

1).  Keep COVID precautions in mind even outside on the rink.

2).  Please tip the nets off the ice when not in use or if you are the last to leave the rink so they do not melt into the ice.

3).  Do not leave any shovels on the ice.  Shovels should be placed against the alley side or the south side of the shed after use.

4).  Clear snow away from the edges of the rink throughout the day to help keep the ice in better shape.

Please be safe and enjoy the rink.  Be mindful of other users and all the different skill levels of skaters.

Parents if you can please use the metal scraper or shovels to scrape off high ice spots to help us get the early season ice in the best shape we can as fast as possible.  We are now at over 12 floods and chipping off the high spots is the fastest way to get a smooth mid season ice surface.

Thanks to everyone for helping to take care of our community rink.

Stand Tall, Skate Often, Be Well Balanced.

The Ice Man
Louis Stack

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