restrictive covenants

Restrictive Covenants

The majority of properties in Mayfair Bel-Aire are governed by Restrictive Covenants registered on title that guide and limit development. The covenants operate as a “building scheme” outside of and in addition to municipal zoning by-laws. It is the responsibility of the individual property owner to confirm which Restrictive Covenant(s) apply(ies) to your property.

Secondary/Backyard Suites
The position of the Mayfair Bel-Aire Community Association, after discussion with legal counsel, is that the Restrictive Covenant(s) registered on lots in Mayfair and Bel-Aire preclude or do not allow secondary and backyard suites. Precedence has been set in “Deagle vs 1678452 AB Ltd.”, December 2013. Check your Land Titles Document for the Restrictive Covenant(s) that applies to your property.

Download information regarding Mayfair Bel-Aire Restrictive Covenants

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